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Glass and architectural metals ordering, fabricating, delivering, installations, and service by ElmontGlass.com is fast, easy and custom to your needs. Glass is used in buildings and homes as an architectural feature such as transparent windows, safety and security barriers,and internal glazed partitions. Whether you are looking for our popular liquid crystal switchable glass, or any unique type of glass, Elmont Glass will help you choose the right kind for your application.

Established in 1949, Elmont Glass is not only the nationwide source for more than 58 years, but has also become the online source for glass and architectural metal installations. Elmont Glass is a rare full-service glass company that handles not only the design and fabricating of glass and metal, but installs and services the finished product as well! Contact us now by completing the simple online form. You can be confident that your information is safe, as we do not sell or trade your information. Completing the online form will allow us to contact you right away to discuss your glass and architectural metal needs.


With more than 60 years of experience as a leader in cutting edge glass technology, Elmont Glass has partnered with Laurence Gartel, the "FATHER" of Digital Media Art. Gartel is recognized as the man who revolutionized digital art before the introduction of the personal computer. Visit the official Laurence Gartel website now!

Mirrors and Plastics by Elmont Glass

Mirrors and plastics are essential products for certain projects. Types of mirrors include acrylic mirrors, plastic mirrors, traffic safety mirrors, two-way mirrors, transparent mirrors, see-through mirrors, one-way mirrors and more. Mirrors are commonly used in homes, businesses, health clubs and gyms. Plastics are used for many applications including fabrication for construction, and can be easily and affordably customized. Elmont Glass not only provides the finished product, but can deliver and install!

Switchable Liquid Crystal Glass by Elmont Glass

Switchable liquid crystal glass for the home, office, or boat is a state-of-the-art glass application featuring privacy on demand. It is fast becoming a popular item for builders, designers, architects and consumers. Eliminating the need for shades, curtains or blinds, the liquid crystal in the glass protects fine furnishings, carpets and displays from UV damage and the view of others. To learn more about this exciting product, please visit our information page.

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